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Digital Transformation has two parts to it, the front end and the back end. Your company might be sitting with a fully fledged digital strategy that has been executed day in and day out for years but sometimes it’s a good idea to shake things up go through a transformation.

A digital transformation can give your company the spark that it needs to increase sales, brand loyalty and more. A digital transformation simply boils down to refining all of your processes and implementing new ones.

In this article, I’m going to talk about five key aspects of a digital transformation but first lets break down the two parts I referred to earlier.

The Two Parts to Digital Transformation

So the term digital transformation is probably interpreted differently to everyone. To me, I’m referring to the front end (how the brands perceived and acts online) and the back end (the tools, procedures and structure they use). As you can imagine, a digital transformation isn’t a small job.

It is a GREAT way to have multiple teams work together and really improve work place relationships. Sure, it can be stressful and there will be bumps in the road, everyone will have different opinions but any business who has been through a digital transformation will tell you it is a HIGHLY beneficial process.

Front End

With the front end of a Digital Transformation, we’re referring to the following:

  • The brands tone of voice on Social Media
  • Branding guidelines

I recommend anyone struggling with the front end to figure out who their customer is, how are their needs changing and what can you offer them? I can’t believe how many brands these days still don’t truly know their customers.

The next step is to evaluate your current procedures. Do you have a customer persona? Is there clear instructions for interacting on social media? What is the brands tone of voice?

Back end

So with the back end you really need to look at the tools your teams use already. A lot fo companies are scared of change, they get used to the tools they already use and become loyal to a specific one. If you’re an SEO guy, it could be using Ahrefs over Semrush or it could be using Active Campaign over Mail-chimp for email marketing.

Technology changes so fast these days, with all the big companies trying to out do one and another it makes sense to keep yourself open to new tech.


4 Things to help

Anyway, to keep this blog semi-short I’m going to just dive into four things that can help you get the ball rolling. There are loads of free resources out there that talk about digital transformations in more depth. The purpose of this article is just to get you thinking about it.



Benchmarking refers to the process of making note of key KPIS in order to gauge the success of a process. Lets use SEO as an example, plenty of SEO’s out there rely on automated software like analytics to give them data about their website. There is nothing wrong with that, its a very smart move to automate a task like analysis.

However one key issue is deciphering the data can be hard to see visually, i.e you can’t correlate graphs as easily if you don’t segment the metrics down.

The other issue is, typically these tools only allow you to track your own data. If you’re not tracking key metrics for your competitors, you’re missing out on some critical data that could accelerate your success.

This applies to any type of marketing. Benchmarking allows you to highlight areas of opportunity that you can capitalise on.



A good brand does wonders for companies of any size, the issue is, many companies don’t allocate the time needed to really excel.

So what is branding? Branding is a process that adds value to your product or service by building a relationship between your brand and how the consumer feels. This is done by delivering the right message, creating the right imagery and producing the right content.

Branding could refer to your tone of voice, colour scheme on your website or logo.

Branding can be a really challenging subject to take on yourself though, which is why I highly recommend using a company like Pearlfisher. A professional agency can truly amplify your efforts with amazing branding.


New Software

I’ve already said it, software changes a LOT. Chances are if you’re using a brand that isn’t as active, you’re miles behind now.

Tools like SERP Insights come out for example or actually, here’s a better example, Chatbots. When Chatbots first came out, how many of you actually jumped on them? I bet most of the people reading this were late to the party, I know I was.

My point is, dedicate some time every now and then to staying up to date with market trends.


Customer Experience

So one major thing I’ve noticed is customer experience is often only thought about by a couple of departments but really every department should consider the customer experience.

Did you know almost 60% of bad customer experience cases originate from the back office? So by changing your companies approach to, 1 – how customer experience is dealt with and 2, how customer experience is considered with any major change, you have a good shot at reducing that percentage.





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