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Most bloggers get into blogging because they enjoy writing and most are pretty good at it. But i am sure  they will all admit that from time to time the creative juices will stop flowing so easily. They either power through with sub-par posts or stop posting for a few days, maybe even a week. With the recent E-A-T updates, taking breaks or writing sub-par content is going to harm your blog overall.
This advice is not dedicated to bloggers, companies and brand can benefit from regular blog posts and it can be part of an SEO strategy. Hiring a ghostwriter can let you forget about creating content and let you focus on managing the aspects of the business that you are good at.
There is a solution. There are a range of sites that offer freelance writing services. Hiring a ghost writer can take the pressure of frequent posts from you. Allowing you to focus on writing quality content.

Reasons to hire a ghostwriter

If you think that the most successful Bloggers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and even high-level marketing professionals write all of their own content, you would be wrong. Everyone needs time off. This does not mean they are being lazy or cheating their readers, but rather they only have so much time and energy for content creation, especially if they have a business to run.

The top 5 reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter

More Frequent Content

Hiring a ghost writer is a great way to find a little more time to spend on the content that you find interesting and love to write about. The content that is really going to get you noticed. Writing because you have to is not a productive and defeats the sense of freeness that having a blog is supposed to offer you.

Different Style Of Writing

Writing for the same audience can make you an expert at targeting your audience. With the experience that comes with freelance writing, they understand how to target different audiences and can help you attract more people who will want to come back and hear your views.

Fresh Content Ideas

Creating fresh and interesting content ideas takes a lot of time and energy and sometimes you can just run dry. Taking a break and allowing someone else to flex their creative muscles is a great way to relax and recharge. Great writing ideas often come when you least expect them.

Hire Specialist Writers

Great freelancers can write about anything, but smart freelancers focus on a few niches. This allows them to become incredibly knowledgeable in their subjects and they are always up to date with any recent changes. This focus on writing in-depth articles about a subject and provide informative views is rewarded by google. This expertise that freelancers can provide can really give you a competitive edge all while you have time to focus on other areas of the business.

Great Value For Money

Freelances can range in price but an hourly rate of £20-£30 is not uncommon. Finding the perfect ghostwriter for your brand is key. Most freelancers will be able to create amazing content that, unless you are writing frequently, you wont be able to match. Depending on how large the post is required to be, a ghostwriter can get the work done in 1-2 hours.


If providing your readers with the highest quality content, every post, is important to you. Then you should consider using a ghost writer from time to time. Taking a break to network, guest post or come up with some fresh content ideas can be the best thing for your blog.


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