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What is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging (or Guest posting) is an often underappreciated online marketing strategy. There are many benefits from guest posting. Some direct, some indirect. But all positive!

The question we hear the most is, “why put my content on someone else’s site”. If we can’t convince you of the benefits by the end of this post, then i might have a little tip that is perfect for you!

Guest posting (or Guest blogging) is the practice of writing content and posting it on another person’s site in return for accreditation. This is common in the blogging sphere and the intent is often to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

1. Targeted Traffic

If you have spent your time researching which site you want to guest post on then it can be extremely beneficial. Once you have written an amazing piece of content. Guest posting on sites within the same niche will increase the traffic flowing to your website.

Increased Engagement

This increased traffic is not just any old traffic, but traffic which is going to be more receptive to posts on your own site. They are already going to other blogs to read similar content, so why wouldn’t they come read yours? This is perfect for gaining some new readers who will hopefully come back time and time again when they see you have uploaded.

2. Grow Your Online Brand

Guest posting is a great way to show your brand identity. A great way to prove your worth in the niche is by providing as much unique advice as possible. Take this as your opportunity to show your worth, what you do and who you are, brand or blogger.

Make sure to keep your brand tone of voice in every post. Keeping this consistent ensures that you are more memorable.

Grow Your Social Media Following

Having a guest post on a reputable blog shows readers that they are willing to endorse your brand for your expertise or trustworthiness. This will boost your follower count and helps you look like the go to in the eyes of their followers.

In almost all guest posts, you will also have the chance to customize your writer profile. Here you can include a brief bio and add in links to your social media accounts.

All of these opportunities will make it easier to convince their audience’s that you deserve their trust and turn them into engaging social media followers. Which may even share your content.

Social Media Shares

Generating social media shares is the fastest way to reach the most people. By having more shares on your brand and content, the more trust and online reach you will receive.

A great way to start things off is by writing guest posts for bloggers who have an extremely active following on social media. They are sure to give you a few share, which can snowball into more or even some natural links to your site!

Develop Your Authority Within Niche

The hardest task for a new blogger or brand is to build their authority and become respected in their niche. Some people might say it has taken them years, but this is achievable in a much shorter space of time. Some people have managed to do this in less than a year.

Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to have your name in the ring with some top bloggers in your niche, which can really help your reputation. When people come across your name in the same places as these respected bloggers it can only benefit you!

Build Relationships

The best way to build relationships with bloggers is to offer regular posts. One-off posts are received nowhere near as well as small campaigns which consist of 2 or 3 posts over a few months. This ensures you build a consistent relationship with the writers, editors, site owners, and audience. This can lead to collaborations in the future.

3.Expand Into Related Niche

Writing content for sites in a related niche is a great way to introduce your brand. Brand awareness is the first step to becoming the authority in that niche and it’s a good way to open the door to guide your business in that direction. This is also a great step if your goal is to create a second blog.

4.Improve Your Writing

Many writers will guest post as a way to improve their writing talents, after all practice makes perfect. Each post you create allows you to test your creativity, develop new skills and directly improves your ability to create content for your own website.

Grammar, spelling and sentence structure are all improved the more you practice. So being able to pair training with brand awareness is an extremely efficient route to go down.

Valuable Feedback

As your following becomes accustomed to your ways of writing and your brand, they often become less critical. As a guest on someone’s blog, their audience will be more critical. This type of feedback will help you grow as a writer and is necessary.

5.Improve SEO

Guest posting is a great way to get some extra links to your site. This SEO benefit is enough to make guest posting worth it alone.

Do-Follow Links to your site

Most editors are willing to accept that guest posts should include links the writer’s own site. After all, most editors will not pay for you to write for them. Brand mentions and links are more than enough to pay for your time though, considering the benefit they will give you!

No-Follow Links and brand mentions

Sharing your social accounts and brand name on as many places on the internet as possible should be your goal when you are trying to raise brand awareness

In fact, just a few mentions of your brand will have a significant impact on website traffic.


Guest posting is a great way to build reputation, social presence and authority within your niche. The SEO benefit from the links you get will help increase your site traffic, which after all, is the main aim of any site. If you are still not willing to write content which will not be on your site, then take a look at our canonical posting method (coming soon).

Why not Submit your guest post and see some benefits!


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