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What our 6 metrics actually tell you about your site

SERP Insights reports are designed to make understanding the flaws of your website simple. So here we will explain what each of our 8 metrics actually tell you about your website. Once you know what they mean, it will be much easier to improve them.

  • Mobile Site Speed
  • Desktop Site Speed
  • Domain Score
  • Page Score
  • SERP Trust Score
  • SERP Citation Score

Mobile Site Speed

Google has considered Mobile Site Speed to be a ranking factor for quite some time now and it is now more important than ever that your website is fast and responsive. In the third quarter of 2018 52.4% of all web traffic originated from mobile devices. Improving the responsiveness of your site will benefit your rankings greatly.

How to improve mobile site speed

Desktop Site Speed

If Mobile Speed has been a ranking factor for a while, then Desktop Speed has been one forever! Having a faster Site Speed and Page Speed will not only be more user friendly, which is what the latest EAT updates have been all about, but allow google’s little robots to crawls more pages on your site. This is especially important for newer sites trying to get indexed.

How to improve Desktop Site Speed

SERP Domain Score - DS

SERP Domain Score is an SEO ranking metric developed by SERP Insights. DS (Domain Score) which scores from 0-100 in steps of 5 is a measure of how well your site ranks on SEO qualities which we believe search engines are looking for. The higher the score the better. It is usually seen that scores of 60 are pretty good but 80+ and you should be ranking for those competitive keywords you have been eyeing up! Comparing your score to the competition will give you a sense of how much your site needs to develop in order to compete.

How To Improve Domain Score

SERP Page Score - PS

Similar to Domain Score, Page Score has been developed to factor in more than 30 Metrics. The only difference is, these metric scores are taken at URL level and not Domain level. Simply put, the score ranks how well a page is likely to score on SERP’s Vs similar pages. When you are comparing your page score against the competition it serves well to remember that this metric is slow to increase, so a little patience goes a long way. A score of 10-20 is respectable while 40-50 can be seen as impressive, but all that matters is your score is higher than your competition!

How To Improve Page Score

SERP Trust Score - TS

The recent google core quality updates have been centered around the principles of E-A-T. Expertise, Authority and Trust. Well Trust Score is a measure of how much link authority your site has from “trusted” or “Authoritative” sites. 

How To Improve Trust Score

SERP Citation Score - CS

Citation Score was developed to take into account more detailed factors of page and domain back link profiles. This score is less about how much trust your site or page receives, but how much attention it attracts. Pages with great content tend to do better on this metric!

How To Improve Citation Score

Word Count

Gone are the days that short or spun content will get you ranking. There was a time when people would recommend 200-300 words, even then people thought that was too much content.

Now it is common for a rank 1-5 page to have 2000-4000 words. From analysing over 10,000 SERP reports, the average word count of the page ranked 1 was 2000 words. This should be the mark to aim for.

Content at the 2000 word count that is insightful or benefits the reader is far more likely to get shared and more people are likely to want to link to it naturally.

How To Improve On-Page SEO

Referring Domains

Some people think that the more referring domains the better. This is a dangerous way to think of backlinks.

Quality over Quantity

There is overwhelming evidence that domains which have a high quality backlink profile will always outrank a domain with a low quality backlink profile, even if it has 5x more links. In a later post we will be breaking down the do’s and don’ts of what makes a backlink good or bad.

Breaking Down Referring Domains

Now that you know what the reported metrics mean, you should be able to understand what your site will need to improve on. Getting your site to the top of its game will lead to better rankings and more traffic.


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