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Keeping it classic – traditional SEO Tricks That Still Apply Today

In the ever changing world of SEO, it can be easy to overlook some of the more traditional tactics which are actually still relevant today. These practices can still be used successfully to help your site rank better, earn more, as well as helping it avoid any kind of dreaded banning. To keep your site looking and performing its best, it is time to keep it classic with some handy traditional tricks.
Don’t make it obvious your sites are inter-connected
Everyone does it, but it doesn’t mean you have to be obvious about it! So if you’ve got a network of sites, don’t publish the fact for search engines or your competitors to find out about. We all know that Google is not a fan of this and that you can find your network penalised, site by site, so be a bit discreet about it.
Avoid inter-linking between sites
So if you’re trying to avoid publishing the fact that you have inter-connected sites, then inter-linking between them is of course a big no-no. This can be seen as the first red flag for search engines, and makes discovering the extent of your network much simpler.
By not linking to the other sites within your network, you can help protect it as a whole. If one site is penalised, by using a bit of discretion, it is less likely that the others will then also be endangered. In this way, you can also avoid mass penalties if someone else happens to be using a bit of dodgy SEO on one of your sites too.
A bit of hush-hush
If you’re successful, then without a doubt, your competitors will want a slice of the action, so although you should be proud of your hard work, there’s no harm in being a bit hush-hush about it. So if you’ve found that sweet spot of a niche, then don’t brag about it to all of your competitors!
With a successful formula, others will be eager to copy your success, so the easiest way of avoiding mimicry is to avoid letting them know how you did it.
Speedy downloading
Nobody likes clunky and slow download speeds, especially when these days we’re used to smooth and speedy ones. So don’t give visitors to your site a bad impression by forcing them to endure painful download times.
Speedy download speeds are user-friendly, make your site more accessible, and will keep it running even when there’s a spike in traffic. You can’t predict when this will happen, but you do of course want to avoid a server crash from the weight of it. It’s important for the success of your site, so make sure your download speeds are up to scratch.
Simple ways to keep your site running at its best, are to use a basic template, keep your plugins to a minimum, and find the most efficient solutions without extras – remember that in this case, less is more.
Tidy your URLs for easy linking
Long URLs filled with gibberish are never going to look good, and especially when you consider how important linking through social media is, it is a good idea to have your URLs looking pretty.
The good news about this one is that pretty and tidy URLs tend to be the most simple and straightforward. User and social media friendly, shorter and clearer URLs are more likely to get linked and shared, which in turn can obviously lead to more site traffic.
Sometimes the most obvious choice is the best
No matter how elegant and chic you want your site to look, the most important thing to consider is whether or not it’s user-friendly. Make your buttons big, obvious, and easy to find – after all, you want your visitors clicking on them! They might not be the prettiest, but they can be the most useful.
Be a little bit paranoid about Google
As the biggest search engine, Google is what we’re considering whenever we make any sort of change to a site. Sometimes there is a tendency to over-estimate what Google can do, but when it comes to whether or not your site is going to get flagged or not, it is always better to err on the side of caution.
Keeping your site tidy enough for Google can also have the happy effect of making it look great to visitors, and help you avoid losing rankings. So don’t cut too many corners or let your site look less than its best.
None of these traditional SEO tips are anything new, but they’re something to consider when you want to make your site run smoothly, and work well for visitors. Simple to follow and effective, reap the benefits with these straightforward tips.


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