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No Follow vs Do Follow

The world of SEO is often divided. To nofollow or not to nofollow – that’s the big question! Nofollow links were introduced back in 2005 by Google to combat black hat techniques which, at the time, were the most effective way to rank. Now nofollow links are extremely common and should be part and parcel of any SEO strategy.

What are nofollow and dofollow links?

What is a dofollow link ? This means that Google’s little bots can follow these links to your site. This lets Google know who is linking to certain pages. The more high quality dofollow links pointing to you page, the more “link juice” these sites pass to you and theoretically the more likely you are to rank on page 1.

Now, nofollow links use the rel=nofollow html attribute. This means they do not let Google’s bots follow the link to your page. You guessed right. This means that the pages linking to you do not pass any “link juice” to your site. Does this mean they are worthless?

Nofollow links may not help you rank. At least not to the same degree as dofollow links do…but they do provide an inherent value.

How do nofollow affect trustworthiness?

Link building strategies these days are all about thinking up exciting and creative ways to make Google think they are natural. If you are paying for links, they should be nofollowed and if Google can see you have links pointing to your page but none are nofollow, there might be some suspicion.

Link building campaigns which include nofollow links as part of its link strategy result in pages with higher trust from Google. This ensures a more natural link profile and is a safe SEO best practice!

How do nofollow links help traffic?

Nofollow links provide human traffic. If your goal is to raise brand awareness then it would make more sense to get a link from a high traffic source, even if it is nofollow. This in turn might lead to some natural dofollow backlinks. A dofollow link from a site which is going to get no traffic might help your SEO game, but the best SEO is sometimes just common sense. Common nofollow’s are links from social sites like Facebook or Instagram which when used right can really provide some traffic.

What are the SEO benefits of nofollow links?

One thing that we do know for sure is the people at Google are smart. It’s possible that they have purposely played down the importance of having nofollow links. If these links increase your trust and traffic then it is possible that with the recent E-A-T update which is focused on Expertise, Authority and trustworthiness, that ranking might actually be directly affected by the presence of nofollow links. – Out there, i know.

What do you think? Are there any uses of nofollow links that we have not mentioned that you are ready to champion?


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