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Managing Your Site’s Organic Reputation and Protecting Your Brand


Managing your site’s organic reputation and protecting your brand

It’s not just rankings that can help to drive visitors to your site, but its branding too, which is starting to play a bigger and bigger role.
It is important to fully appreciate how branded searches can influence your site, so it is a good idea to follow some practical guidelines that’ll help you to understand how to maximise your branded site traffic. Using Google Search Console, and as many days data as you can, you too can get to grips with these branded searches.


Your company traffic

The major thing to remember about branded traffic is the fact that it is specifically yours. Users are looking for your site, so it’s never going to be a good thing if they somehow end up directed to a different one. Not counting similar searches and reviews, you would always hope that all of these branded searches will end up on your site however this is unfortunately not always the case. Between being unlucky and others employing successful SEO tactics, you can sometimes find yourself losing out on these valuable visits. Luckily though, there are ways to help gain back this lost traffic.


Why your brand’s reputation is important

With so much emphasis on enhanced search results, featured snippets and data cards, it can be easy to overlook organic brand reputation, but remember that it is always going to be relevant, especially in the eyes of the user.
It’s not simply about revenue or traffic; your brand reputation has the ability to affect various other potential relationships both with users and with other businesses, which in turn can have a knock-on effect on your site.


Difference between branded and non-branded traffic

One of the most major differences between branded and non-branded traffic is the fact that branded is nearly always more likely to lead to a conversion. Whether that means spending more time on your site, or completing an action, branded searches can be seen as having more purpose and determination in comparison to non-branded.
Therefore it is important that you understand exactly what percentage of your site traffic is branded, and how valuable it can be to your company and success.

When it comes to measuring the brand and non-brand split, it is actually a pretty straightforward process. Just use your Google Search Console (what used to be Webmaster Tools), and follow guidelines you’ll be able to find on Google. You don’t need to be an SEO whizz to find your way around the Console, so get investigating this traffic split.


Protecting your keywords

When it comes to branded keywords, and how to protect them, the first thing that you of course have to do, is to identify them. To make is easy, you should be considering the following things: the company name, the brand, products, major employees, usernames, and reviews.

If competitors are ranking for your keywords, find out why, and make sure that your content is of the best and most relevant quality.
It’s a good idea to gain some insight into your branded keywords, and make sure that you are using them for your purposes. Do remember though that the trustworthiness and usefulness of your site is always going to help you to be the first pick for your branded keywords in search results.


How to improve the organic brand reputation of your site

To start with, if a competitor is succeeding better than you in branded traffic, then it is a smart move to investigate what it is that they are getting right. Perhaps they have better quality content, or are more clear and concise with what it is they are providing. Whatever it is, if it works so well for them, it could be time to follow a few of their ideas to start clawing your traffic back.
One obvious thing that you can do to improve the organic brand reputation of your site, is to make sure that there is a customer testimonial and review page. Many users can be suspicious of sites, so with a proper and transparent review page, you can give them the confidence to trust site, which in turn will lead to conversions.

There are also review sites like TrustPilot that are highly rated by users, so do what you do, and do it well for good customer satisfaction. This will then lend credit and a good reputation to your site.

To benefit from a good organic reputation online, and protect your brand, you need to make sure that you are good at what you do, and that you leave your customers and users feeling satisfied – it really can be as simple as that.


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