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Does Keyword Density Matter?

Keyword density is a measure of how often a keyword is mentioned in relation to the body of text. In SEO keyword density can be viewed as a ranking factor. Text that is made up of 100% keywords are an extreme version of keyword stuffing and will be a sign to google that you are trying too hard to rank for those keywords and are prepared to go blackhat. Having 0% keyword density would be a sign to google that you shouldn’t rank for for that keyword as your text is not relevant.
So what percentage is the best? Well that’s hard to say but if we look at  keywords in more depth. We might come to an answer.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words in your text that define the topic of the post. These show google what the text is relevant to and in return google will rank that page for related search queries. Bridging the gap between people who are searching for content and the people who are writing the content.

What Are My Target Keywords?

Your target keywords are usually high volume words which are central to your post or site. These may be your niche or service you provide. Or even the type of blog or type of post you create. These are always related to the search queries you are hoping to rank number 1 for and in turn gain traffic for.
Keyword Tool is a great tool when you are researching which keywords you should be including.

What Are Long-tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are usually much wider reaching terms which include your keyword. These terms are often 3-5 words long and have a much smaller search volume. They may also be unique and not have any competition. A simple example is google search suggestions which are included at the bottom of the SERP.

Latent Semantic Keyword?

Put simply, semantic keywords are words which have a similar meaning to your target keywords. These can be synonyms or words which are the target field. If you are trying to rank a page for

How many keywords should i include?

None. None if all you are going to do is add keywords for the sake of it. When you are writing content it is useful to have a list of keywords you would like to mention but you should be writing for humans and not for the googlebots. Writing for readers and providing great, helpful content which users will want to share is a larger sign to google that you should rank than how many times you mention a keyword.
Google are far more likely to look at who is linking to your page, what niche they are in and what the anchor text is and take that as a better signal at how well you should be ranking for your target topic.
After a quick bit of research, here are the keyword densities that the top 3 results for “SEO Company Glasgow” use.

Rank – 1
Word Count – Over 3000
SEO Company Glasgow is mentioned 2 times- less than 1%
SEO Company is mentioned 12 times – less than 1%
SEO is mentioned 72 times – 2%

Rank – 2
Word Count – Over 1500
SEO Company Glasgow is mentioned 2 times- less than 1%
SEO Company is mentioned 2 times – less than 1%
SEO is mentioned 74 times – 4%

Rank – 3
Word Count – Over 2000
SEO Company Glasgow is mentioned 3 times – Less than 1%
SEO Company is mentioned 8 times – Less than 1%
SEO is mentioned 52 times – 2%


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