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Competitor Analysis With Serp Insights

In this post, a sample competitor analysis will be shown in order to make it easier for you!

A Serp Insights report for the keyword, Creatine UK, and the domain sasnutrition.com is available here.

If you are just starting you seo career or need a little help with competitor analysis then follow this guide using your own serpinsights report.

The first stage should be comparing your metrics to those of your direct competition for that keyword. From here it is simple and easy to come up with an action plan to close the metric gap between you and success!

If this was your client, your first goal would be to find “quick wins”. The first of these you should spot is the mobile and desktop speed. For more information on how to speed your site up, read our fix your site speed in 10 minutes guide.


Sas Nutrition
Competitor Analysis
Mobile Speed
Desktop Speed

Domain Score



Page Score



Referring Domains



Word Count



Looking at the bottom 10 positions

Only 2 sites have referring domains. Positions 12 and 17. These two domains should be the immediate focus to research in depth. There are various tools you can use to do this. Our favorite is Ahrefs.

Position 17

  • 52 do-follow referring domains at root level
  • Backlinks average DR –
  • 18,200 Organic Traffic

Position 12

  • 79 do-follow referring domains at root level
  • Backlinks average DR –
  • 1,100 Organic Traffic


  • 141 do-follow referring domains at root level
  • Backlinks average DR –
  • 42 Organic Traffic

How to rank in top 20

Word Count

on page content which provides real value to the consumer will be favored by google. Increasing the on page content to 2000+ or in line with the top 5 average, Whichever is higher, would be advisable.

Backlink Profile

Depending on you budget and campaign goals this stage will differ. To reach the top 20 for this keyword, a reasonable target would be to match the competition link velocity and add in 2 do-follow links per month.

Further care should be taken when choosing which links to go after. Read our guide on how to pick the right backlinks for your campaign


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