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What is a Bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a piece of software thats stored as a bookmark in your web browser. Clicking it will load something that normally interacts with the page you’re on.

Wayback Machine Bookmarklet

If you land on a 404 page and want to see what was previously on the page, this bookmarklet will allow you to open it up on The Wayback Machine with one click.

Create a new bookmark and call it whatever you like.

In the URL section put this code in “javascript:(function(){location.href=’http://web.archive.org/save/’+(location.href);})();”


Canonical URL Checker

Create a new bookmark and call it whatever you like.

In the URL section put this code in

javascript: (function () { var url = document.location; var links = document.getElementsByTagName(‘link’); var found = ‘none’; for (var i = 0, l; l = links[i]; i++) { if (l.getAttribute(‘rel’) == ‘canonical’) { found = l.getAttribute(‘href’); break; } } alert(found); })();


Simple Google Results

This ones¬† a bit of a nuisance to paste because it breaks the code on the site so you’ll just need to copy the code and add it to the link part of your bookmark.

javascript:( function(){ str=”<link href=’http://www.onlinesales.co.uk/seo/bookmarklet/seo.css’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>\n”; anchors=document.getElementsByTagName(“a”); str+=”<table>”; str+=”<tr><th>#</th><th>HREF</th><th>Anchor</th></tr>\n”; var k=0; var listing=””; var links=””; for(i=0;i<anchors.length;i++){ var anchorText = anchors[i].textContent; var anchorLink = anchors[i].href; if(anchorLink.match(/^((?!google|cache|youtube\.com\/results|javascript:{}|javascript:void\color{#fff}{0}0|api\.technorati\.com|botw\.org\/search|del\.icio\.us\/url\/check|digg\.com\/search|search\.twitter\.com\/search|search\.yahoo\.com\/search|siteanalytics\.compete\.com|tools\.seobook\.com\/general\/keyword\/suggestions|web\.archive\.org\/web\/|whois\.domaintools\.com|www\.alexa\.com\/data\/details\/main|www\.bloglines\.com\/search|www\.majesticseo\.com\/search\.php|www\.semrush\.com\/info\/|www\.semrush\.com\/search\.php|www\.stumbleupon\.com\/url|wikipedia.org\/wiki\/Special:Search).)*$/i)){ listing+=anchorLink+”\n”; links+=”<a href=\””+anchorLink+”\”>”+anchorText+”</a>\n”; k=k+1; if (anchorText === undefined) anchorText = anchors[i].innerText; str+=”<tr>”; str+=”<td>”+k+”</td>”; str+=”<td><a href=”+anchors[i].href+”>”+anchors[i].href+”</a></td>”; str+=”<td>”+anchorText+”</td>”; str+=”</tr>\n”; } } str+=”</table><br/>%C2%A0<br/><h2>Plain Listing</h2><textarea cols=80 rows=10>”; str+=listing; str+=”</textarea><br/>%C2%A0<br/><h2>HTML Links</h2><textarea cols=80 rows=10>”; str+=links; str+=”</textarea><br/>%C2%A0<br/><p align=center><a href=’http://www.onlinesales.co.uk/’>Bookmarklet by Liam Delahunty of Online Sales</a></p>”; with(window.open()){ document.write(str); document.close(); } })()


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