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5 Easy and actionable steps to make with SERP Insights

SERP Insights reports are not only designed to make reporting easy but also to make it clear what work needs to done to your site to improve your rankings. You can use it to understand how you should structure your SEO and Digital Marketing campaign. Keep reading to find out how to use SERP insights.

  • On-Site SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Comparing Keywords
  • Tracking Keyword Rankings
  • Shareable Reporting

On-Site SEO Audit

Your site just isn’t ranking how you think it should be and you don’t know what has gone wrong?  There is a simple and fast way to find out if your site has any skeletons in its closet. Once you have picked what you think you should be ranking for, just run a report and see how many of your metrics are in the red. You can then work away on getting them into the green and then you are ready to hit that number 1 spot! Or at the very least, you should be ranking better!

How to do an Onsite Audit

Competitor Analysis

You have started your keyword research and want to know what the competition is up to. When looking into the start of a new campaign, you can easily compare the top 20 competitors in your vertical to understand how difficult a keyword may be to rank for. With your SERP analysis report you will easily be able to find quick wins by analysing the number of links your competitors are building.  This will help you stay one-step-ahead of others.

How to do Competitor Analysis

Comparing Keywords

Now that you have ran a few reports, it’s time to decide which keywords to go after! You may be asking yourself “how do i decide which keywords to target?” Well, using SERP Insights makes this easy. Using the metrics given in the report you can see how much work it will take for you to beat your competitors and taste ranking victory! You will need to weigh up if a keyword will be too competitive and go for the keywords which will offer quick wins or the best ROI.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

Tracking Keyword Rankings

Did you know, you can set your reports to run weekly? Well you can and you should! This will let you track which keywords are your magic beans and which are your bad seeds. Once you have all this information it is super easy to see which keywords you need to show a bit of love to. This will make sure that you are constantly ranking better and getting more traffic.

How to Track Keywords

Shareable Reporting

If you are an agency and you are looking for an easy way to show clients your progress, then SERP Insights has you covered. Just give them the share URL and they have the reports you want to give them. They can see your progress and (even better!) you can whitelabel your reports too.

How to Whitelabel your SERP reports.

So there you have it, 5 easy to do things to improve your rankings now! If you need a little push in the right direction then go to each post to learn how to do each step. Each step is super easy to do, so now you have no excuses not to!

If there is anything else you want to be able to do using SERP Insights then let us know in the comments below!


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