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Top 7 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is hands down the easiest and most popular way to build a website. This popularity has lead to a massive amount of user generated content. These user created plug-ins do everything from helping improve your site speed to creating easy to use contact forms. Here is a list of our favorite plug ins!

SEO Plug-ins

If you don’t have access to an SEO expert then here is your next best option. There are a whole host of SEO plugins to make your life a little easier.

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins ever created and it is clear to see why. Yoast was created to make it easy to have a search engine friendly site. It is a helping hand if you’re an SEO and is your go to tool if you are a blogger.
Snippet Preview makes it super simple to optimize title tags, meta descriptions and  gives you a brief overview of your writing skills, pointing out some simple mistakes and providing some solid advice.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

This is not exactly an SEO plugin but deserves to be on this list. This plugin adds a simple checkbox on the link popup screen which allows you to set the link to nofollow. This saves time when you would otherwise have to add the rel=nofollow tag yourself.

Best Caching Plug-ins

If you are looking to speed your site up then caching plugins are the first step. That and going to gtmetrix to check what you can do to speed your site up that is.

WP Fastest Cache

My favorite of the caching plug-ins is WP Fastest Cache. It is in my opinion simultaneously the easiest to use and the most in-depth. WP Fastest Cache is my go to to quickly speed up a site.

W3 Total Cache

A popular alternative is W3 Total Cache, which is great at reducing load times around your site. caching allows users to store a version of your site which decreases load times dramatically.

Contact Form Plug-ins

There is nothing more time consuming than a bad contact form. Having all of the troubles taken care of can make life so much easier. Luckily for us that is where these 2 contact form plugins come in handy.


WPForms is extremely beginner friendly contact form plugin designed to be easy to use and provide the user with everything they need from a contact form. it comes with a freemium plan and a paid plan which costs $199.99 per year.
WPForms uses a drag and drop builder to simplify the process as much as possible and allow you to create simple and beautiful contact forms.

Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the oldest and most downloaded contact form plugins and no list would be complete without them. This plug in is free, as are many of the additional plugins extension available to go along with it. It is not the easiest to use but once you get the hang of it, it has a lot of functionality.

Great Media Plugins

Stunning images in videos can turn a great looking site into a stunning site. In fact most theme developers are now including the plugins below as required!

Slider Revolution

Slider revolution sets out to make great looking images easy to implement across your site. Whether that is in the form of sliders which take your photos from social media and turn them into an amazing carousel.


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